Public Information Office

The Petersburg Public Information Officer (PIO) serves as the primary contact for the news media and serves as the public relations advisor to City Council, the City Manager and City Departments. News reporters seeking information or an interview with a city official and/or employee should contact the PIO.

To keep the community informed, the PIO produces a broad variety of communications materials that includes press releases, newsletters, community announcements, and other publications. The PIO also informs the public through the City’s website and the City’s government access channel, Channel 15 (Comcast) in Petersburg.

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Please note that as of September 1, 2019 the City of Petersburg will resume reasonable charges for FOIA requests as per § 2.2-3704. This may include charges for any outstanding FOIA requests that have not been fulfilled.

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Click HERE for the Commonwealth’s Attorney FOIA information

Click HERE to see the City of Petersburg’s Administrative Policies and Procedures related to FOIA as well as a cost schedule

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