General Robert E. Lee

Confederate General Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) was born in Stratford, Virginia. He trained at West Point, and in the Mexican War became chief engineer of the central army in Mexico (1846). He commanded the U.S. Military Academy (1852-1855), was a cavalry officer on the Texan border (1855-1859), and in 1861 was made commander-in-chief of the Virginia forces.

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Seven Days Battles

General Lee was in charge of the defenses at Richmond, and defeated federal forces in the Seven Days Battles in 1862. His strategy in opposing General Pope, his invasion of Maryland and Pennsylvania, and other achievements are central to the history of the war.

After the War

In 1865, he surrendered his army to General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse. After the war, he became President of Washington College at Lexington.