Circuit Court

Honorable Maytee E. Parham, Clerk of the Circuit Court

Mrs. Parham has served as your Clerk since first being elected in 2020. She also handles all estate matters and serves as your probate clerk.


  • Hon. Joseph M. Teefey, Jr., Chief Judge
  • Hon. Paul W. Cella, Presiding Judge
  • Hon. Dennis M. Martin, Presiding Judge

Terms of Court & General Information

  • Criminal term begins: third Thursday of each month
  • Civil term begins: third Thursday of each month
  • Grand Juries: first day of criminal term
  • Criminal cases set on Term Day
  • Civil cases set on Civil Term Day in pre-trial conference for matured cases
  • Court convenes at 9 a.m.
  • Commissioners in Chancery are utilized
  • Local Rules of Circuit Court

Probate and Estate Administration

Online Payments and Payment Plans 

Petersburg Circuit Court accepts credit and debit card payments for court fees and fines. 

Go to to make a payment. 

To establish a payment plan for court costs and fines with the Petersburg Circuit Court, visit the Judicial Website

  1. Print and completely fill out Form DC-211 Petition for Payment Agreement for Fines and Costs or Motion to Modify Existing Agreement. 
  2. Notarize Form DC-211. 
  3. Mail notarized Form DC-211to Petersburg Circuit Court Clerk's Office at 7 Courthouse Avenue, Petersburg, VA 23803 for review.  
  4. Please allow 5-7 business days for approval notification from the date that we receive your petition in the mail.