•   Hon. Ray P. Lupold III, Presiding Judge
  •   Hon. Mayo K. Gravatt, Chief Judge

Continuance Policy

Continuances are granted by the judge and clerk.

Court Schedule

Find court schedules for Monday through Friday in the tables below.

Court Schedule

 Arraignments 9:30a.m., Mon. - Fri., Incarcerated & Bond Motions

 11:30a.m., Mon. - Fri., Bonded

Monday – Criminal

8:30a.m - Felonies

Tuesday – Traffic

8:30a.m., - City Officers

10:30a.m., - State Troopers

1:30p.m., - 1st & 3rd Tues., Mental Health Docket

Wednesday – Criminal

8:30a.m., – Misdemeanors & DUI


8:30a.m., – Non-Attorney uncontested (Off Site)

8:30a.m., - Non-Attorney garnishment

10:00a.m. – Attorney uncontested (Off Site)

10:00a.m, -Attorney garnishment docket

1:00p.m., & 2:00p.m., – Contested Cases (Off Site)

11:30a.m., - Small claim docket 4th Wednesday of each month (Off Site)

No Civil Docket will be held on the 5th Wednesday of a month

Thursday – Traffic

8:30a.m, - City Officers

10:30a.m., State Troopers

Friday – Criminal

8:30a.m., - Felonies

Continuance Policy

Continuances granted by Judge