Fire Training

The Fire Training Division is tasked by the department to develop, administer, and maintain training programs as mandated by federal, state, and local requirements.

We accomplish our mission by supporting and facilitating numerous programs.


Division Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the division are to:

  • Administer both the city firefighter hiring process and our 21 week entry level fire academy
  • Assist with training and/or coordination of Special Operations Teams
  • Coordinate regional training activities with both emergency services and the private sector
  • Maintain training records for all department personnel
  • Manage and assist with training of fire personnel for our unit specific Driver Break-In program
  • Manage the department's Career Development Program
  • Operate and maintain the Training Division facility and equipment
  • Represent the department as a member of the Regional Training Committee

Corresponding Programs

The Fire Training Division also assists with citywide employees and citizen training through the support of various programs:

  • The division coordinates the training and team activities for the Petersburg C.E.R.T. program
  • We assist our Public Fire and Life Safety Education specialist with citizen preparedness training
  • We assist with the delivery of the city’s Defensive Driving Program
  • We deliver training and maintain documentation for ICS training for city employees

The Fire Training Division, while small in size, is a vital asset for the department, the region, the City of Petersburg, and most importantly, the citizens we serve. 

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