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1. What is the real estate tax rate?
2. How can I determine what the tax amount is on a property and if the taxes have been paid?
3. Where should real estate tax payments be made and how often are they due?
4. Where should I go to record or research a property deed or lein?
5. How can I get a copy of a plat or property survey?
6. Does the City of Petersburg have GIS shape files and/or layers?
7. How can I get a copy of a city tax map or other map maintained by the City of Petersburg?
8. Which department handles the Elderly Tax Relief and Veterans Tax Relief programs?
9. Which department handles the Partial Exemption of Rehabilitated Property program?
10. Where do I apply for tax exemption for my property?
11. Which department handles inquiries on zoning requirements and what uses are permited for a particular parcel of land?
12. Which department handles real property subdivisions?